WES Area 7

Welcome to WES Area 7

Area 7 covers Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. The area 7 rep is Mel Scott who is based in Nottingham. We also have two county reps at the moment, which are Stephanie Goodacre for Leicestershire and Amy Peach for Lincolnshire. 

 WES promotes the western discipline and welcomes all riders, from beginners to advanced. Any breed of horse can be ridden western and our members have a diverse range of horses. We always welcome new members and if you have any questions please do just ask.   



Who we are


Show Classes

WES holds a number of classes at their shows which means there is something for everyone. There are novice, amateur and open classes as well as youth classes. So you can be assured that you will be competing against people with similar experience.

 Typical classes are:

 Showmanship - This is an in hand class where it is mainly the handler being judged. There is a pattern which can usually be obtained before the show.

 Pleasure - This is a rail class. A light and responsive horse is what is looked for, who covers the ground naturally.

Horsemanship - This class the riders performance is judged above the performance of the horse. There is a pattern to be ridden individually and then usually competitiors are required to ride on the rail to show all paces.

Trail - This involves negotiating a series of obstacles to a set pattern.

Reining - Horses and riders run a reining pattern which includes spins, rollbacks and sliding stops. This is all done at the lope.

Western Riding - A pattern is followed that is marked out by cones to show the control of the horse. It involves lead changes for the more advanced horses.

Versatile horse - This is a combination of manouvres that are carried out in the above three classes to show the versatility of the horse.